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For over 10 years we have specialized in custom patches,  and have become the GO TO provider for clubs across    New Mexico.

We save You time

Here at Bright Ideas, we focus on you and your project to save you stress and time. We’ll handle the project from start to finish.

We guarantee satisfaction

We understand that every detail counts! Our specialists are willing to do what ever it takes to make sure that your order is made right!

Made with care

From design to production, every order is custom made with absolute care.

As many as you need

Our team is ready to handle your order – no matter the specifications or quantity. We work with you to meet your needs.

Made special to you

Patches are one of a kind, and they are produced to whatever specifications you may need.

Custom Designs

We welcome you to bring in existing designs, old patches, or unique idea’s. Our designers will expertly craft your design into a patch, make your old patches like new, or turn your idea into something magnificent.